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Referring a Case

At Cornwall Veterinary Referrals, we aim to make the referral process as simple as possible for referring vets, clients and patients.

We know that all clinicians are busy in practice, so we have a faxable referral form for vet, clients and patients details and a brief summary of presenting problem, to be accompanied by relevant clinical notes - a full referral letter is not necessary.

Cases are also accepted via e-mail and by phone. We ask that any urgent cases are referred by phone call, so we can make urgent emergency admission preparations in the clinical team and adjust our theatre list accordingly.

Cornwall Veterinary Referrals for clients...

  • Situated just 5 minutes from the A30 at St Columb, we offer a convenient service to clients throughout Cornwall and Devon
  • Rapid appointments and treatment with minimal waiting times
  • First opinion standards of client care

Cornwall Veterinary Referrals for patients...

  • Established referral expertise
  • Full air-powered surgical equipment
  • Purpose built Veterinary Hospital facilities with positive pressure theatres and 24 hour on-site veterinary care in species-specific hospitalisation suites

Cornwall Veterinary Referrals for referring vets...

  • Swift referral procedure with full case reports prior to patient discharge
  • Free radiograph review and case discussion service
  • CPD evening presentations

Standard Referral Form

Standard Referral Form

Submit a standard referral form

CT Scanning Referral Form

CT Scanning Referral Form

Submit a CT scanning referral form

Outpatient CT Request Form

Outpatient CT Request Form

Submit an Outpatient CT Request Form

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